ArchiBio at Signal festival Prague

The software for rendering the most beautiful shapes is called DNA.

The ArchiBio project discovers phenomena that surround us everywhere, yet they remain invisible. The growth of bacteria, fungi and plants, life of an ant colony – the beauty of these phenomena escapes our attention, because they exist on a different scale or in a different time beyond our perception. ArchiBio videomapping unfolds the beauty of microscopic worlds enlarged to a giant size in the public space. It poses a question whether the relationship between nature and technology really is antagonistic, or whether the man-made technologies represent just another branch on the evolutionary tree. It is fascinating that all life forms around us share the same operating system with us, humans, DNA. What will happen once our technologies learn how to cooperate with it? Will genetic modification bring destruction or progress?


Anna Dumitriu – The Communicating Bacteria Project

Friedrich van Schoor – Araneola

Marie Poláková – Micro-pets

Antoine Bridier-Nahmias© – Magical Contamination
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Sonja Bäumel

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Cultivating microoganisms with agar plate

Agar for growing fungi

Hackteria: DIYBio

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Jan Buriánek alias BURSOFT(c)


Radka Hanečková
Iva Dobešovská
Jakub Hybler